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The natural motion of Life is fluid, like water. Whether a raging torrent, or deep and still, water is pure surrender, effortless action.

Life keeps giving us chances to let go of our habitual control, to let go and learn to fall – fall into Freedom, into Love, into the expression of Life that we long to be.

With just a touch of our willingness, this powerful surrender will take us over, just like a river must flow downstream, no matter how hard the course.

As we allow even our choice of whether to hold on or not to be washed away, we find ourselves living as boundless, spontaneous fluidity.



About Anthony

In whichever spheres of life - family, business, the so-called spiritual - I find myself drawn to meet others who share a heart longing for a life that is just fully real.

I don’t know how everyone’s Life is supposed to pan out, but I do know there is only one motion of Love, of dropping into our own creative, human integrity, and allowing all of life, everything, to play itself out through us, without aggression or shame. 

What does it mean for us to come into fully trusting ourselves? To trust Life, no matter where it takes us? Into solitude, or relationship, into our bodies, out of existence, to just sitting and having tea together.


Sitting in the timeless empty heart-essence of the Buddha's realisation, or dancing ourselves deeply into our emotional-energetic body... so many ways to enjoy polishing of the diamond of our Soul.


As we sit together in meditation, we are not practicing any technique, or trying to achieve any kind of peace or special state. Anthony guides meditation as simply sitting with the commitment to total honesty – seeing how we are trying to manipulate our minds, bodies, and feeling how this causes us to suffer.

We are invited to bravely give up our habitual self-protections, and begin to trust the intuitive wisdom-action of our deeper heart.

In simply sitting together in Truth, and seeing what happens, questions, sharings, and silence point us to our natural awakened state, and the potentially painful barriers which appear to keep us from ourselves. And while the various facets of our true nature are recognised – Stillness, Emptiness, Pure Love, Power, Energy, Humanity – the true heart of surrender is found in the continual willingness to honour and enjoy the play of all of this without manipulation.

Movement & dance

The spiritual journey, including any kind of Awakening, is an invitation to come in to fully inhabit our physical, emotional and energy body. To allow the clarity and integrity of Awakening to transform every cell of our body and every aspect of our Life here on this Earth.

Anthony has a background in marital arts, dance, and energy practices, and a natural passion for movement arts. He creates workshops to bring people into their embodied individuality.

Movement practices work at a number of levels, from simply connecting people with the joy of moving the body, to integration of the core of the physical body, to allowing people to meet their emotional and energetic blockages in Power and Grace.



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