Which parts of you do you yearn to re-connect with? Where do you not trust yourself to be yourself?


I currently offer private sessions via Skype or in person (based in London, UK, but travel frequently). The nature of meetings can take so many different shapes, depending on your capacity and needs as a person, or a soul. 

Whether it's meditation guidance, spiritual meltdown, help with navigating relationship, or working into deeply held subtle patterns in your psychology or body, I will bring depth and honesty so that you can be yourself.

What we can do together

  • Clarifying your perceptions of the true nature of Reality
  • Tuning into the subtle frequency of your own heart's calling
  • Remove emotional / energetic blocks stuck in the body
  • Untangling unhelpful beliefs and thought patterns
  • Bring clarity to aspects of your daily life or working purpose
  • Integrating it all: balancing your spiritual growth with your need to live a full vibrant life on this Earth

ready to meet?

Suggested exchange is £50 for a one hour session, in person or Skype, payable before the session. If you feel called, get in touch via email on hello@anthonygoh.com or using the form below.

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I was positively shocked by his strong presence even through the screen of my smartphone. Although I was talking with him about my biggest traumas, my biggest dreams, my heart’s greatest longings, with Anthony I felt that I can at last express myself... we could have a radical heart-to-heart conversation.

He fully accepted my own path and unique struggle and was able to find the right words, so that I can trust in the process I’m going through, helping to clear doubts and second guessing.
— Robert