My life has always been driven by a need for the subtle, the powerful, the meaningful.

This led me through various careers in the creative industries, hedonism, as an artist, and into spiritual practice.

Eventually, my devotion to Truth stripped my life away of clutter, and I learned to love living in a van, a simple life close to mountains and the ocean. As more of myself fell away, it opened the door for the unmistakable recognition of myself as everything and nothing at all – the sky dancing through itself, as pure, effortless spontaneity.

The integration of this truth throughout the whole psychological, emotional and nervous system is an ongoing, and deeply humbling process.

In learning to live in the most authentic way I know how, I find a willingness for the heart and body to softly break open, again and again, revealing more vulnerability, love and strength.

An ever-deepening agreement to honour this existence by taking whatever shape life requires of me, in working with others, alone, as an artist, or simply as a friend, a fellow human. And I look forward to meeting, sharing in truth and in play with you!

Anthony speaks with a pure, authentic honesty that tears gracefully through the delusions of identity to unveil the soft centre of an innocent soul, living in this human existence. The frailty of my identity was exposed and met with warm heart and compassion.

The insights stimulated by Anthony are still integrating, the retreat spurred a profound awakening... I am forever grateful for this soft slicing through.
— Retreat Participant

header photo by Ali Devi