4 week online course in Meditation and the Power of Surrender

Mondays at 7pm: Nov 14, Nov 21, Dec 5, Dec 12.

£97 Concessions available.


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Surrender is not a teaching, or a technique. It is a living dedication-art, where effortless trust and wisdom flower together as we recognise the fertility of our unmet needs and grief...

There are hundreds of spiritual techniques, or life-coaching teachings which we can learn and apply to make us feel good, or more ok. At some point though, we have to reach a maturity where we start to actually trust our own intuition, our own heart, no matter what we might be thinking, or what teachings might say.

Even the most magnificent teachings or experiences like Awakening, Kundalini or Tantric whatever. Or dreams of a successful creative lifestyle, yes these things all have value - but none of them are as important as the willingness to come into our own heart... into the spontaneous, uncompromising acceptance to stand naked as Who We Are, no matter the situation.

This is a course for those who are tired of the cycles of getting excited by a new idea or project, and the subsequent crashing when the hype dies, and we find ourselves back in our regular jam.

It’s an opportunity to step into a new level of integrity, honesty, and power.

Surrender is not a teaching, or a technique. It is a living dedication-art, where effortless trust and wisdom flower together as we recognise the fertility of our unmet needs and grief. It's not something we can do, but all the subtle conditions around us contribute to our willingness to let go. In this online group exploration we will create supportive, strong and fertile conditions for all of us to grow into our own truly individual power. 

What we will cover during the 4 weeks


The heart of meditation

Learn the essence of meditation as pure surrender. How to balance any techniques or practices with simply letting go.

3 facets of surrender: space, love or earth

there are 3 distinct flavours of spiritual truth inherent in all of us: expanding the mind (emptiness), opening the heart (devotion), and coming into the body and energy system. Learning which of these we are more naturally aligned to can be helpful in finding our own spiritual authenticity.

Life and death - the 2 poles of letting go

On one hand, the samurai, utterly fearless and selfless warrior, because he has died completely inside. On the other hand, devoting yourself in constant love and care to all the tiny details of your uniqueness, and of every living being. Learning to dance with both of these polarities.

Surrender to Love - the heart of Tantric Relationship

Learning to trust the bittersweet wisdom of love and heartbreak in relationship. What does it mean to allow ourselves to Love another fully, to not harm or try to control them in any way, no matter how much we want security?

How this works

This is an online course for a small closed group, consisting of 4 x 2 hour live video sessions, hosted on Google Hangouts video.

Format: the first hour of each session will have a brief introduction, a guided meditation, and then teaching on the week’s topic. Then, up to an hour for your questions, your sharings, maybe more meditation.

No special equipment or software required. You can choose to use your webcam to appear on video or just use your keyboard to chat.

Even if you can’t make one of the sessions, you can watch the recording later. If you have questions I can answer them in the next session.

There will be a dedicated Facebook group for us all to hang out in dedication and share. I will be on hand for questions or clarifications over the duration of the course.

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"Anthony speaks with a pure, authentic honesty that tears gracefully through the delusions of identity to unveil the soft centre of an innocent soul, living in this human existence.
The insights stimulated are still integrating, the retreat spurred a profound awakening... I am forever grateful for this soft slicing through."