Week 1: Opening to surrender

Honesty... Humility... Trust...

Honesty to know that we are trapped. That we are frail, that we compromise ourselves. And that we know we want better. Honesty to see we are afraid of how others perceive us. Honesty to feel that beneath our front, there is so much desire, so much childlike wanting.

Humility to admit that our fix-it-quick schemes will only provide temporary relief. Humility that we are here to serve Nature's plans, not our own.

Trust, that we have all the knowledge and power necessary within us. Trust that there is no teaching that we are missing, no magic pill out there somewhere. Trust that as we stop struggling and striving, and start to listen, that we will begin to fall into place. Trust, as we start to feel exposed, that we are falling into deeper levels of vulnerability and power. Trust that the breaking of our hearts is necessary for us to truly fall in love with our lives.


When we meditate, we are simply offering ourselves back to the Universe. Sitting with the commitment to allow everything to happen to us, however it wants to happen. Not how we imagined it happening. This might seem defeatist, but for us to come into real lasting change, that change has to come from outside of all our usual ways of problem solving. It must come from a deeper level of accuracy and feeling. Meditation doesn't fix us, it just makes us painfully aware of where our thoughts or actions are not coherent with our emotional truth.

It is natural that as we stop trying to manipulate the world, or to solve problems using thoughts, that our mind will fall back into the space of the body. First the physical body, heavy, breathing, tense, aching, pulsing. Then, the subtler emotional body, as we fall back into the honesty of our desires. Again and again, we fall, through confusion, through frustration, falling into the heart, falling back into our own vulnerability and landing in our own silent knowing.

“The most confused you will ever get is when you try to convince your heart and spirit of something your mind knows is a lie.”

Shannon L. Alder

Next steps

This course is as much a learning for me as you guys. All your feedback is really appreciated, from the practical, to the format of the sessions, to the more subtle ways in which being online affects this kind of work. Next week we will have better sound quality and hopefully the session will be recorded so you can listen to the meditations again, or catch up.

Some things which will surely come up in the next sessions, any suggestions or feedback welcome:

  • Investigating the 3 facets of Being: Space, Boundless Love, the Energy body
  • Dealing with physical pain
  • Manifesting: creating a life in harmony with your creative power and individuality
  • Relationship: Romance and love as a practice of heart surrender

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, you can leave them here, or send me an email.

Feeling a lot gratitude to all of you for the opportunity to unfold in this way with you.