Week 2: Spaciousness

From blindness, to struggle, to acceptance

It is beautiful to hear people feeling into the inevitable processes surrounding our growth. These process are always confusing, but fortunately they follow certain patterns. As we get to know these patterns our emphasis shifts, from solving problems, to being interested in the processes, and our ability to move through obstacles becomes easier. These same processes will play out, again and again, revealing more and more of our ignorance, each time at deeper levels.

1. ignorance phase

At this point we simply don't know we are stuck. We are firmly embedded in an unconscious belief, where things have been this for a while and we are simply not aware that other options exist. We are only just starting to notice something unsatisfying about the situation, perhaps our relationship to something is becoming boring, or irritating.

2. struggle phase

Now we recognise that we are dissatisfied with a situation. We become aware that perhaps there are options, though we don't know what they are, or how to do them. At the bottom line of this equation is fear of feeling, though we may will not be aware of it. Even if we are aware of it at the mind level, we are not able to feel right to its core. So there is a smokescreen of duality playing out above it. This manifests as fear/stuckness on one side of equation, and anger or shame on the other. For example, we realise that we don't stand up for ourselves in a certain situation. We feel the fear, and if we compromise ourselves, we are angry at another, or ashamed of ourselves. Or it can be in meditation, for no mental reason at all, as our awareness reaches into our body, we encounter feeling blocks where there is fear. If we shy from the fear, then we will feel trapped - subtly bored of existing at this static level, or we try to push through in frustration.

We now begin bouncing from the fear side, to the anger/boredom/shame side, and the feelings become more intense. We are being boiled, the pressure is building, and all we can do is keep returning to our heart, agreeing to be as honest as possible with each round of feelings.

3. acceptance

Eventually, we become tired of the struggle, the options for us become so limited, that we simply See and Feel the Truth that we did not, would not, see before. It can be in the form of an obvious trauma, a repressed memory, or simply some part of our ability to feel emotions that is reclaimed. There is both grief and relief appearing as one, as we reunite with a repressed part of ourselves. Relief and Joy that we can stop holding or pretending, and grief that we lose a part of our acquired personality. And as soon as this process is played out, we will find our Being hungry to uncover more Ignorance.

As we go through more and more of these cycles, around psychological traumas, around spiritual realisations, into our body and heart, we gain more and more trust of this process and its ongoing nature. With more trust - we learn that we don't need to rush these cycles of growth, or hide from them. We give up the idea that one day we will be perfect, or good enough, *and then* we can stop, or *then* we can then start to live how we want. We start to manage our growth in a way which is harmonious to our lives, rather than escapist or destructive. When it's time to go deep, going deep happens. When it's time to rest and have ice cream, rest is allowed.

Video: Spaciousness of Being

Video: Roles and Responsibilities, Boundaries

Response to a question on the blog last week from Grace.

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