Poem: Out and In

let's be real here.
awakening is the goal of life.
your worldly life is fleeting, and
don't listen to cliches that
life's a beautiful dance,
you're here to experience and enjoy it
no matter what it looks like

the human's destiny - heartbreak!
surely there is nothing sweeter than
the dropping of emotionality
the ending of fear and struggle,
it's sublime! who would choose
this bittersweet human existence!
sorrow and joy are inseparable
it's a horrible place to be stuck!
oh, the sanctity of a transcended state
leaving your painful desires
your difficult relationships,
walking away from life
don't think that the true challenge is
here in the midst of your confusion
take a deep breath and make a stand

*now read from bottom to top*

Anthony Goh 2016