Infinite Warfare

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had to pick up this drink cos it had a special offer saying INFINITE WARFARE on it. Just something that is really resonating for me at the moment, the constant struggle of Life, it is literally Infinite Warfare. New situations, people struggling with me, me having to expand into new and painful areas. How to drive life powerfully forward while remaining in integrity. How to be fearless yet soft. There is always burning of old habits, fear, grieving, fresh conflict for our own personal Infinite Warfare.

I spent so long like everyone else, trying to make life easier, looking for a cheat code. Everyone is always selling you a cheat code to this game of Infinite Warfare. The spiritual one is the biggest cheat code of all. You can switch on 'Enlightenment mode', or 'resting-in-awareness mode', or 'mindfulness mode’ or 'Love Mode' and then you are invulnerable to bumps and grinds of life.

The thing is that these things really work well - for a while. You get the cheat code, maybe this week it’s ’just breathing the present moment mode’ - we switch it on, and we are high, just like when you get the invincibly star in Mario, the happy music plays, and you bust through life, full of joy and flashing hype. Then it wears off, and you are back to being soft, vulnerable, hurting, feeling pain, inadequacy, whatever your usual Infinite Warfare is.

The other alternative is that simply you get bored of playing with the cheat code on. If you have the invincible thing on all the time, ok - you’re changeless awareness, unaffected by the emotional ups and downs of human life - after a while, it gets very boring. This can be months for some, decades for others. In the end it’s just another trip, Infinite Warfare continues with or without you.

Today feeling just a lot of love of the ongoing relentless nature of Infinite Warfare. It is simply magnificent in its scope and detail, there is the opportunity for learning in the biggest obvious things, like love and loss, and also the tiniest things, like how we drink coffee, or how much i use my phone. There is nothing in this Infinite Warfare that hasn’t got a lesson for us, and there is no safe space where we can rest forever. Rest for a while, yes, all good, but forever, no. It’s this total dynamism that is so defeating yet so entrancing… here’s to more Infinite Warfare xxx

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