on soulmates

A soulmate is more than someone we meet and fall in love with; he or she is the person who shows us where true love was all along. In their voice, in their touch, we sense their deepest acceptance of us, and this allows us to fall in love with every part of ourselves, even our darkest places. And in doing this, he or she reminds us of our bright, vibrant love which bursts forward for life, for everything. It is our soulmate who brings us face to face with the vastness of loveitself, who teaches us how to swim in love's ocean.

Our soulmate's deepest wish is only that we feel utterly loved. Loved so deeply that we know, in our core, as soon as we wake up, that we are utterly perfect, in spite of our thoughts or opinions. So to honour our soulmate we can honour Love like the 3rd person in the relationship, our guardian, more reliable than dreams, words, therapy, credit cards or anything.

And it is the only thing that is constant. Just like seasons, circumstances change. We will change, our partner changes, lives change, feelings change.

Sometimes relationship is so easy, like Summer, endless lazy days in each others arms, without a care. But then Autumn can be blustery, and bits fall off and die! Maybe we think that our love has dwindled.

But even in the deepest Winter, if we can just feel a glimmer of the Sun's warmth from our soulmate, then they remind us that just like the Sun, Love still burns as brightly as ever, maybe we just can't see it right now. Love never gives up on us, it cannot, it doesn't know how, because it only knows how to love. It does not wax, or wane, it is a constant, fiercely self-less flame which will burn away all of our doubts and problems if we allow it. And in our soulmates, we have the extremely rare and precious invitation to meet, to become, this love on a daily basis. Never turn it down.