real love never stops falling

To 'fall in love' is such a beautiful phrase, so apt, like leaping out of your own heart and falling, falling deliciously out of control, falling out of everything you know to be true, falling into something indescribable. At this point we talk about being "in" love but actually the truth is even more beautiful than that. When we are are falling like this, we lose ourselves, and we allow ourselves to just become love itself. We are not someone being "in" love, we are just being love. Love has no worry about the future and no ideas of the past, it has nowhere to go and nothing to do, apart from be. This is why it feels so good.

But then sometimes we speak as if somehow we stopped falling, and now we are in love, some static state of loveness, sealed by an unwritten agreement or a crude label.

But real love never stops falling, it doesn't want to stop. It wants to tumble and spin like a sycamore seed, dancing around on the warm autumn breeze. Real love actually can't stop - even when a sycamore seed rests on the ground, it does not stop, it changes and gives birth to something unimaginably more beautiful.

In love in the way we humans think about it, there is this tone of free-falling and a tone of static, of holding. I guess we all have experienced both, sometimes they come and go in years, sometimes minutes. We get comfortable and want a certain state to stay, but then it becomes stale. This is the nature of holding.

When relations become less magical, it's not that real forever-falling love isn't there, it's just that it's been too covered by other stuff to see it. Luckily for us real love is always there, we don't have to go anywhere to get it, we don't have to change anything to touch it.

When we first met this someone, we had no idea what they were, we just leapt and fell. When we now look into their eyes, or even bring them to mind, we meet a lot of our preconceptions of them - ideas of what they are, ideas of what our relationship is. Maybe they're happy ideas, maybe not, but whatever their nature, ideas are static, and ideas cannot leap. But just just just tantalisingly behind all those ideas is the door, the airlock, the gate to the vast infinitude of love, to home. As we pour all our attention onto to the raw experience of our loved one, their eyes, their smell, the feel of them against us, the feelings in our chest, as we do this then maybe all these accumulated ideas don't seem so big... can we leap once more? What do we want? Ideas or boundless love? And when we decide we can leap, actually we are already falling again... Never settle, never stop falling in love.