aspects of meditation

If, in meditation, your mind is sharp and discerning, you gain clarity. Your life will become simple, all the extraneous clutter disappears, no wasted energy. You become an effortless force of deadly efficient action, straightening out everything without even touching it.

If, in meditation, your heart opens to welcome grief or joy, you fall into Real Love. Your relationships will become immeasurably rich. You become an endless, constantly opening flow of bittersweet love. Tears, sweetness and laughter will engulf everyone around you.

If, in meditation, you deepen your trust into your body, you gain Power. Your world becomes pure sensuality - full of intense situations, rippling and hot with pain and pleasure. You become a seething mass of raw, chaotic creative energy, the spark which causes barren situations to erupt in flames or flowers.

And if, in meditation, you have real honesty, there remains a human, frail, sweet, insecure, awash in these magnificent fields of infinity.