8 week online course in meditatioN, awakening & The nature of mind and reality

Mondays at 7pm

Start date 13th Feb 2017

Last session 3rd April 2017

Cost: £149

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All of our problems in life, all our deep curiosities, come from not knowing how reality operates. And our ability to live vibrant and fulfilling lives depends simply on knowing  intuitively knowing with the whole body, not just the mind  how to align with the fundamental laws of nature which govern our senses, minds, bodies and the world around us.

This is more than a series of lectures, teachings, or techniques. It is a vehicle for you to experience deeper levels of reality for yourself and change the way you see the world forever.


What you'll get out of it:

  • 8 x 2 hour Live video sessions with guided meditations, teachings and 1-on-1 guidance
  • Understand the deep issues at the heart of our personal experience, like Free Will, Purpose, Satisfaction, The Nature of Reality
  • Improve your mental & emotional world, permanently
  • Have fully authentic and satisfying relationships with friends, family or lovers, free from stress and compromise
  • Learn how to balance worldly motivation with ease and joy to work effectively and efficiently, without burning out

In this course, you have the opportunity to dive as deep as you can stand. As well as guided meditations and talks, there is the chance for 1-on-1 coaching every week to help nudge you into experiencing the teachings personally and fully.

If this work were obvious and easy, there would be no need for meditation or courses like this! But we all have an array of delusions which prevent us from seeing truth, and no two people are alike. Having direct expert guidance is invaluable and speeds up the process immensely.

Anthony shares not only his understanding of the depth of the Eastern wisdom traditions, and also his experiences of bringing this understanding into every aspect of modern life, from career, to relationships, family and creativity.

Warning: As we discover how things really are, it can feel a little unsettling and exposing. This course, with a small group and experienced facilitation, provides a supportive environment for you to feel safe in opening and learning. 

Course Syllabus



A guide into how to undertake this kind of study and an introduction to the core tools of meditation, inquiry and contemplation.

The Sensory System

The sensory system is our experiential universe. What is the nature of the raw information from our senses, and how can we process it most effectively?

The mind & thoughts

Learning how to break free of inaccurate thought patterns and hence correctly understand our experience.

The emotional system

Unprocessed emotions block the correct flow of information through our experience. Ending this confusion frees our emotions into something to be enjoyed.

Relating with others

A huge percentage of the human brain is devoted to interpersonal relating and much of the blockage in our mental system comes from our negative experiences with people. As we begin to see these patterns for what they are, we will naturally fall into more loving and harmonious relations with those around us.

The body and nervous system

Understanding the basic animal motivations: how pain, pleasure, tension, and the amount of energy available to us in our body are all related, and how to maximise our output.

Manifesting - living life strongly

Motivation, attraction, and effective action. Learn how to align our desires and talents to generate valuable, challenging work whilst avoiding burning ourselves out.



This is an online course for a small closed group, consisting of 8 x 2 hour LIVE video sessions, hosted on Google Hangouts video. Past experience has shown that this is a great format for meditating together, transmitting complicated and subtle concepts, and even emotional processes.

The first hour of each session will have a brief introduction, a guided meditation, and then teaching on the week’s topic. Then, up to an hour for your questions, 1-on-1 guidance, meditative inquiry, and anything else that comes up.

No special equipment or software required. You can choose to use your webcam to appear on video or just use your keyboard to chat.

Even if you can’t make one of the sessions, you can watch the recording later. If you have questions I can answer them in the next session.

There will be a dedicated Facebook group for us all to hang out, ask questions, share links, videos and information. I will be on hand for questions or clarifications over the duration of the course. 


"The honest inquiries we did into creativity and experience were sometimes bracing, but Anthony brings masses of intelligence and integrity to the classes with loads of humour, and interest in every individual's experience. Amazing experience." 
 – Daniel Wilson, Head of International Policy, BBC

"Anthony's warmth and gentle, kind energy allows you to really delve in to yourself. his understanding of many spiritual traditions as well as his down to earth nature means that you're never intimidated or pressured but are allowed to be yourself. I highly recommend letting him take you on this journey."

"In my experience Anthony is a very trustworthy and reliable guide for awakening. He cuts through your stuff with the sword of precision – a rare ability – and with no mushy talk or spiritual conceptualisations.”

"Anthony speaks with a pure, authentic honesty that tears gracefully through the delusions of identity to unveil the soft centre of an innocent soul, living in this human existence. The insights stimulated are still integrating, the retreat spurred a profound awakening... I am forever grateful for this soft slicing through."