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Authentic Creative Being (Bristol)

  • YogaSara 10-12 Picton Street Bristol, England, BS6 5QA United Kingdom (map)

Authentic Creative Being: Meditation and Embodiment

At your core lies a reservoir of infinite clarity, creativity and emotional capability.

Maybe we touch upon this authentic essence in our creative or spiritual pursuits, or glimpse it in our relationships, or in nature. Why is it so hard to live our our whole lives from this place?

This is a workshop / meeting for those who want to dedicate themselves to living a life without compromise, following their deepest heart calling. It doesn’t matter if you think of yourself as creative or not, or spiritual, or not. What matters is that you have decided that you don’t want to live your life out as a pale reflection of what you really long for. That you can no longer stand to keep yourself small to maintain unfulfilling work or relationships.

Over the evening we will deepen into meditation, movement and sharing.

The heart of meditation

The heart of meditation is a spontaneous, uncompromising acceptance to stand as Who We Are, no matter the situation. Techniques or teachings are useful to some degree, but deepening our trust into the Power of Grace, is a subtle dedication-skill, which needs the right environments to grow.

Connecting with the quintessence of creativity

There are 3 distinct doorways to creativity and spiritual development: expanding the mind (emptiness), opening the heart (devotion), and coming into the body and energy system. As we connect to ourselves in each dimension, we will discover the gifts and shadow sides of each, and find our own personal relationship to creative authenticity.

Dedication to life through our practice

If we dream of escaping to a more creative life as someone else, or becoming more enlightened and ending our misery, all of our practices can lead to loops of feeling high, then crashing back to disenchanted normality. There are natural cycles of emotion involved in all creative and spiritual growth, which have great purpose and wisdom for us if we learn to ride them.

About Anthony

Anthony is passionate about bringing the fullest depth and power of traditional spiritual practice to people of all kinds who share a dedication to living a strong, authentic life.

A creative and inquisitive soul, from an early age he was always driven to know the quintessence of things. This led him through a degree in Physics from Oxford University, a career in the creative industries, launching a successful organic rum  business and working as an artist and performer.

Then came a phase of some years of living a retreat-like life, devoting himself to the practice of meditation, and the integration of realisation into everyday life. He now enjoys sharing this dance - of deepening, and flowering this depth into every aspect of our modern lives, from careers, to relationships, as well as the arts.

Details & how to book

cost: £10 (concessions available)
for more information or to book email