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Surrender to Love: The heart of tantric relationship

  • Arena Aerial Studio Unit K5, Arena Design Centre, 71 Ashfield Road, London N4 1FF, United Kingdom UK (map)
A soulmate is more than someone we meet and fall in love with; he or she is the person who shows us where our own love was all along. It is our soulmate who brings us face to face with the vastness of Love itself, who teaches us how to swim in love’s ocean.
— Anthony Goh

Romantic love in a committed relationship has the potential for us to find incredible freedom in an awakened expansiveness which drips with feeling. It will teach us the real meaning of devotion to the spiritual. But it will demand our absolute commitment to see and feel everything that we tried to hide from.

In this workshop we will delve into the heart of Tantric Relationship, not as simply sexual practice partners, but as fully emotionally connected beings in total dedication to the dynamics of Love.

The workshop will consist of guided meditation into the heart of surrender, followed by a talk, and the chance to interact, ask questions. It’s for singles or couples. Although the main topic is being in a romantic relationship with another, the teachings are highly relevant to anyone who Loves.


What if you leapt into love, and fell crazy head over heels, blissful, but aware of the consequences, rather than being afraid getting attached, or judging this kind of love as unspiritual? What if you let yourself be overwhelmed by the fullest, most crazy, romantic, high, insecure, infatuated state, knowing that you are totally going to to pay the price in disappointment, loss, mad jealousy, when things crash, as they must. If you stayed with your heart through all of that crash. If you didn’t prefer whether you are being high on love or burning with rejection?


Surrender is the act of continually giving ourselves up, giving up our control and allowing our deeper awakened truths to come out. How does this relate to being with another? How do we surrender to loving someone whilst remaining in our own integrity?


There are fundamental differences in the way pure consciousness moves, a masculine and feminine. Without resorting to spiritual stereotype of male and female, we can learn to recognise these fundamental motions of consciousness, and how they naturally create a relationship as a container for healing spirit.


Every neurotic behaviour has a polarity. Whenever we are having a problem with our partner, we learn to see what behaviour we are doing to support that dynamic. We learn to stop blaming and to take full responsibility for ourselves in relationship. As we learn this way of Being, we begin to collapse all polarities inward, through our fear and grief into shared Love.


Anthony is passionate about bringing a rare depth of spirituality from years of meditation practice into every aspect of human life. From the most lofty and spiritual, to even the most painful, murky, or boring facets of our experience, he sees everything as the potential of Pure Acceptance.

For the last few years he has been investigating tantric relationship, going through phases of celibacy, polygamy and monogamy. The journey continues through rounds of detachment, infinite heartbreak, to learning to be attached, to simply learning how to be a normal couple who gets on, while at the same time maintaining total dedication to Truth and Love.

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6:30pm to 9pm
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artwork by Cameron Gray