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Awakening to Everything Meeting: Brighton

An invitation to unfold as your deepest truth. Anthony's holding of space inspires a total commitment to honesty. We see how we are trying to manipulate ourselves, our mind, our odies - and we feel how this limits us. e are invited to bravely give up our habitual self-protections, and begin to trust the intuitive wisdom-action of our deeper heart.

As we sit, our honesty brings forth questions, sharings, and silence, which oint us to ou ow natural awakened state, and the potentially painful barriers which appear to keep us from ourselves. And while the various facets of our true nature are recognised, like Stillness, Emptiness, Pure Love, Power, Energy, Humanity, Creativity – the true heart of surrender is found in the connual willingness to honour and enjoy the play of all of this without control or manipulation.

☰ Details ☷

Across the day we will sit in silence and presence, share words, dance, creating an intimate and powerful space for surrender.
1pm - meditation, teaching, sharing
3.30pm break
4pm - meditation, movement, sharing
6pm - End

★ You are welcome to come for 1 or both sessions, please arrive before time ready to start at 1pm or 4pm
★ Cost: by donation (suggested £30 or whatever you can)
★ Address: private residence Kemptown - msg for details
★ For more info:

☰ About Anthony ☷

Anthony works with meditation and physical practices to faciliate Awakening, and the integration of Realisation throughout the emotional and energetic system of the body, and into life. He works with people directly, with a gentle, penetrating presence at whatever level is required, supporting people to deeply meet themselves emotionally, in the body, in life, or in pure awakened consciousness.

"Anthony speaks with a pure, authentic honesty that tears gracefully through the delusions of identity to unveil the soft centre of an innocent soul, living in this human existence. The insights stimulated spurred a profound awakening... I am forever grateful for this soft slicing through."