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Unfolding into Everything with Anthony Goh (Chichester, UK)

  • A beautiful, warm yurt in the woods! Near Chichester PO19 UK (map)

I’m happy to be coming down to the South Coast to give a series of meetings/workshops, like a mini-retreat, and to hang out, share food and celebration, in a cosy yurt on some private woodland. There is the option to stay overnight nearby on Friday and/or Saturday night.

Meetings are a chance to for us to directly meet the layers of ourselves that need attention - the hidden parts of ourselves that are sabotaging us or waiting like treasures to be seen. And to learn the most precious thing, the ability to trust ourselves to navigate the entirety of our universe, inner and outer, in our own unique way.

Friday 8th Dec

7pm to 9pm: Stillness and words

Saturday 9th Dec

10am to 1pm: Stillness and words
Bring veggie lunch to share
3pm to 6pm: Movement and Relating
Evening celebration with fire, singing, bring food to share

If, in meditation, your mind is sharp and discerning, you gain clarity of Being. Your life will  become simple, all the extraneous clutter disappears, no wasted energy. You become simply an effortless force of efficient action, straightening out everything without even touching it.

If your heart opens to welcome equally grief or joy, you fall into Real Love. Your relationships will become immeasurably rich. Your life becomes an endless act of making love, melting all barriers to intimacy into sweetness and tears.

If you deepen your trust into your body, you gain Power. Your world becomes pure sensuality - full of intensity, rippling and hot with pain and pleasure. You become a seething mass of raw, chaotic creative energy, the spark of which causes barren situations to erupt in flames or flowers.

And if you have real honesty, there remains a human, frail, sweet, insecure, awash in these magnificent fields of infinity.


What others say

"Whether through our one to one sessions or his guided meditation, Anthony's imprint on my life just can't be measured. Infinite wisdom slowly dripped into my consciousness, one precious drip as a time, guiding me through the most confusing and overwhelming of times. Sometimes you understand it immediately, other times, it takes days or even weeks to slowly settle in. Often these are the times that see the most useful and beautiful changes. I find it very hard to express or convey the hugeness and completeness of his teaching. There is nothing Anthony didn't illuminate for me, giving me a guiding light and the tools for huge, peaceful progress and change."

"Anthony speaks with a pure, authentic honesty that tears gracefully through the delusions of identity to unveil the soft centre of an innocent soul, living in this human existence. The insights stimulated spurred a profound awakening... I am forever grateful for this soft slicing through."

"At the end of [the session], my perceptions around Love was turned completely upside down. I was bathing in a state of deep love, only I was totally upside down. I WAS love, directed everywhere."


Costs and details

Friday eve £10
Saturday sessions £20 or £35 whole day
Whole thing £40

For more info or to book from me on There is space available for people to stay over nearby on the Friday night and/or Saturday night and the chance of lift shares coming from and to various places. Check out the FB event page here

With love. Anthony

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