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Surrender to Love: BRISTOL

  • Trika Yoga 188-190 North Street, Southville, BA3 1JF BRISTOL UK (map)

The heart of any spiritual path or practice is dedication. This dedication, our heart's devotion, is the most powerful force for our evolution.

For most of us, we experience the depth and power of Love in romantic relationship. And this is the essence of Tantra. To not shy away from anything as 'unspiritual', but to go into Life and Love with full intensity, but also full integrity.

A loving, committed relationship has the potential for us to find incredible freedom in an awakened expansiveness which drips with feeling. And it can teach us the real meaning of devotion to the spiritual. But it will demand our absolute commitment to see and feel everything that we tried to hide from.

Join us on a deep exploration of everything to do with Love, Tantra, romance and Truth:

• What is a Tantric consort relationship
• How is it possible to keep the freshness and vastness of love alive in longer relationships?
• Dealing with jealously in monogamous and polygamous relationships
• How to harness the wisdom and beauty of heartbreak
• What are the fundamental movements of consciousness behind romance, attraction and conflict?
• How do we avoid falling into to our usual patterns of attachment or compromise?
• How to devote to another without losing our own Truth

The evening is for anyone, in a relationship or not, who wants to deepen their connection to Love itself. We will be working with meditation (no experience required), talk, 1-on-1 work, and transmission. Anthony provides gentle and clear support for emotional or spiritual processes that unfold.