The satisfaction of a human soul is the journey of continual learning and growth. How can this inherently painful journey occur in effortless ease?

life is growth

Growth can happen in the external appearance - gaining knowledge, gaining skills, growing our power in the material. All good. There is also internal growth - into our emotional body, deeper into the mystery of the nature of mind, or building energetic connection with our bodies and this living planet. And the human soul is wired so that whenever there is an opportunity to deepen, and we hide from it, then we feel this as lost connection with our sense of purpose. Our life maybe advancing on the outside, or maybe even one aspect of our spiritual practice could be growing, but at a even deeper level, a pressure will be building, telling us we are ignoring our true motivation.

So we have this beautiful opportunity, a life in growth, a life dedicated to all the mystery, madness and murkiness of being a human, a creature deeply conditioned by Everything! And there are infinite ways to approach this, through spiritual practices, through relating with others, through the nitty gritty of making a living - everything will pop up for our challenge and resolution as we expand. The navigation - knowing where to put our energy - is bewildering.

The Soul Compass

Fortunately there exists a soul compass, a 7th sense for those who are willing to learn to listen to it. It starts with simply acknowledging we are not in control, however we understand this. In any moment of life when we honestly accept this, it automatically brings us into direct connection with our deeper levels, closer to our soul's knowing. Naturally, there is a barrier, our fears, wrapped up in ideas of how things are supposed to be. Everything in our minds will struggle against abandoning control, because our entire self-protection mechanism is based around controlling ourselves and our environment.

For this reason, this non-action of surrender, is the fastest way to bring us naturally into deeper levels of heart, power and freedom. It is the opposite of modern mindfulness techniques which tell us to make an effort to follow our breath, or place our attention in a certain way. It is more akin to a silent prayer, a submission, a knowing below the noise of thoughts, an honest recognition that we are not the dictator of our mind and body. It is very much like when we arguing with someone we are close to, and suddenly we remember, we recognise, the silent feeling-truth - simply that we love them. We may still be angry, sullen, afraid, and we may even act out - or not, but a grace underlies our experience and actions.

Strength by grace, and grace alone

Initially, we go to this grace only when we have to, when we are in crisis. And it may seem like great effort to try to change the way our mind and body responses operate. But as we become more familiar with this way of surrender, a degree of effortless and trust builds. It may not seem like it now, but the journey toward Enlightenment, toward a total natural freedom, is only possible because we are rolling downhill, into more ease and relaxation. It takes energy to be tense, it requires effort to defend ourselves and to hold rigid beliefs. Our capacity to recognise this 'scent' of tension will grow, as will our willingness to turn towards it with honesty. The natural state of surrender will start to permeate all the facets of our lives, and also penetrate to increasing depths of our mind, our emotional system, even our nervous system and physical body.

Whatever is put in front of us for learning - relationships, meditation, the physical body - we give to it fully. The mechanism of letting go will remain the same - confusion, honesty, fear, surrender, grieving, expansion. But as our dedication grows, the quiet knowing of our heart shines, and the sense of struggling through options gives way to living as pure effortless trust.

I am in constant gratitude for the masters who have continued the written and living lineage of this transmission of this profound and beautiful way of non-doing, of heart-surrender.

Pursue knowledge, gain daily.
Pursue Dao, lose daily.
Lose, and lose again,
Arrive at Non-Doing

Non-Doing - and nothing not done

Take the entire world with no effort.
Make the least effort, and the world escapes you.
— Dao De Jing 48